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Product features

    Product features

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    Characteristics of citron

    Prevention of colds
    Containing three times as much vitamin C as lemons and full of citric acid, citrons prevent colds and have sudorific, fever relieving, and anti-inflammatory effects
    Prevents high blood pressure and has anti-cancer effects
    Limonene and pectin promote blood circulation and have anti-cancer effects.
    Prevention of strokes
    A substance called hesperedin protects capillaries, prevents cerebrovascular disorders, and stabilizes blood pressure.
    Recovery from fatigue and skin beauty.
    It contains vitamin complex, carotene, citric acid, and minerals, which are excellent for recovery from fatigue, for vigor, and for skin beauty.
    Supply of calcium and relief of constipation.
    It is high in calcium, which is very good for bone formation in growing children and osteoporosis in adults, and it is good for constipation due to its high fiber content.
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    Characteristics of pomegranate

    [Estrogen (17ml per 1kg)] It is effective for women with various gynecological diseases, good for wrinkle improvement, female genital bleeding, menstrual irregularities, and menopause.
    It's effective in preventing prostate cancer, premature ejaculation, and hair loss.
    Skin beauty
    Rich in vitamin and estrogen, they eliminate freckles and prevent skin aging.
    Eyesight improvement
    It's rich in vitamin A helping rid of night blindness and clear your eyes.
    Health supplementary effects
    Increased appetite, physical strength, vigor, hangover relief, anti-inflammatory, dental disease, athlete's foot, eczema, migraine, anemia, diarrhea, diuretic effect
    Improvement in body type
    It neutralizes the acidic constitution of modern people who have regularly consume meats.